A conceptual wedding invitation for classical pianist and composer Frédéric Chopin and Japanese Vocaloid persona Hatsune Miku. Since Hatsune Miku herself is not physically real, in order to perform on stage, she appears as a projection (or hologram). For this invitation I wanted to merge but also contrast the beauty and difference of these eras of music; Chopin's piano compositions and Miku's purely amazing technical existence. The invitation is laser cut and etched out of wood to resemble a piano, which was stained and glossed while the inside is a deep black with holographic text. To achieve the look of the inside, I used a holographic toner reactive foil on black paper. The envelope is a toothed paper as well as the reply cards, to emulate old music sheets.

Art Director: Dermot McCormack


“With a knock on our hearts and marvelous
trick, we are reborn freely tomorrow.”